Emily Shane Foundation Turns Frustration into Satisfaction

Today's blog post comes from Pepperdine student, Ingyine Ingyine. Her story shares the importance on tutoring in her life, and why the work we do at The Emily Shane Foundation helps so many students. 

Emily Shane Foundation Turns Frustration into Satisfaction

These were just a few of the many emotions running through my head as I stared at that big, red “F” on my math test.
How? How could this have happened?
I blinked and blinked, again and again. And again.
And again.
Hoping I’d wake up from this nightmare.

Going home from my middle school that day with that piece of failure in my backpack, I felt like I was carrying the Mt. Everest on my shoulders.
That gloomy September night was the first time ever that I came to the realization that math wasn’t my strongest point. That was also the night my parents decided I was in dire need of a personal math tutor.
A few months passed and it finally arrived -- report card day.

Upon receiving my report card, I was so nervous to open it. That one piece of paper would tell me if the few months I’d been working really hard with my math tutor paid off. It would also decide for my parents if I was worth those extra hundred dollars or if I was just a lost cause.

Shaking my head and getting rid of those thoughts, I ripped the envelope open.

These were the emotions that lit up inside of me as I saw that beautiful, shiny B+ right next to ‘Algebra II’.
I did it.
I was able to bring my D to a B+ and I knew for a fact this would make my parents so proud. But more important than that, I was able to make myself proud.
And I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without the help of my math tutor. I was privileged enough to come from a family that could afford to provide me extra help.

Unfortunately, a lot of middle schoolers nowadays aren’t as lucky; many struggle academically and fall behind. Studies show that students who fall behind academically in 4th and 8th grade have less than a 30 percent chance of being ready for college or a career by the end of high school.

Fortunately, though, these middle schoolers have lots of resources to help them, one of them being the Emily Shane Foundation. The Emily Shane Foundation’s SEA (Successful Educational Achievement) Program provides mentors for struggling middle schoolers.
This program gives hope to middle schoolers who otherwise would have none.

That is all they feel when they go to school and they earn grades far below what they deserve.
All they need is a mentor to guide them onto the right track.

A mentor who will turn their frustration into satisfaction.
Disappointment into happiness.
Embarrassment into pride.
And that kind of mentor is exactly what the Emily Shane Foundation provides.


This is a picture of another new SEA student, Kassie. She's been doing great and working a lot harder than before. More importantly, she's been all smiles since joining the program!