End of Year Ceremony at South LA

Here's one of the photos from our wonderful end of the year ceremony in South LA on Thursday, May 3rd. 

Each and every student in the South LA area has made such significant accomplishments this year. Not only by raising their grades but through such evident increases in their enthusiasm and passion for learning. These students have worked so hard this year with their mentors/tutors in the SEA Program!

In this picture we have from Left to Right: Christian (7th grade), SEA mentor Ross, Kassandra (8th grade), SEA Program Manager Kimberly, SEA mentor Jessica, Alexis (7th grade), Alexa (7th grade), Kevin (7th grade), SEA mentor Charlotte, SEA mentor Talia, Daniel (7th grade), Juan (7th grade), Executive Director Ellen and South LA area coordinator and mentor Ana!

Thanks to all the mentors and a big shoutout to all the students!