Pepperdine Blog Posts

A PR class at Pepperdine has been supplying us with some beautiful blog posts for class assignments. The first one we will feature is from Anna Milton. Enjoy!


If Only You Had the Chance

The dreaded red “R.”


Middle School math can be an intimidating environment for someone whose palms sweat at the thought of finding a square root. Eighth grade algebra homework is often returned at the beginning of class. Too many incorrect answers?

Big red “R.”

For a middle schooler, this bold letter is embarrassing, especially when a classmate is correcting your paper.

I discovered the Learning Lab with Miss. Labouie when I started ninth grade. I walked downstairs into a place I felt uncomfortable to go. Miss. Labouie changed my view on getting homework corrections. Corrections weren’t bad, they were a chance to get better. I was brought into an entire new learning environment.

There were no red R’s.

Instead, there was encouragement- tips for getting better. New ways to approach learning. Miss. Labouie showed me what it looked like to be an active learner. Not only did I get better at math, I actually started to like it. With the proper mentoring I was able to discover that extra help is an essential learning tool for success.

A Learning Lab wasn’t offered at my middle school, and many students didn’t have parents at home willing to help or pay for tutoring like I did. If resources such as those I experienced with Miss. Labouie were offered to students in middle school, I think many of them would be able to look at learning in a different light.

A red “R” isn’t bad, it’s a chance to get better.

The SEA (Successful Educational Achievement) program is a way for struggling students to access their full potential even beyond the classroom. The support of the Emily Shane Foundation is changing student’s lives by giving them a chance they would not otherwise experience.


This is an image of seventh grade SEA student Daniel and his mentor Talia. Daniel is learning all about what Anna found in the Learning Lab. Thank you, Anna, and good luck Daniel!