25 05, 2022

Meet Mike, Mentor/Tutor and Area Coordinator!


This school year, Mike has acted as both area coordinator and mentor/tutor to Fagen, a 7th grader attending Wright Middle School STEAM Magnet in Westchester. We are grateful for the progress Fagen has realized thanks to Mike's efforts! In his time working with Fagen, Mike has helped her [...]

Meet Mike, Mentor/Tutor and Area Coordinator!2022-05-25T21:20:35+00:00
20 05, 2022

SEA Student Spotlight: Daniela


Meet SEA student Daniela, an 8th grader at Clinton Middle School in South LA, and her mentor/tutor Rae. Daniella entered the SEA Program with overdue and outstanding assignments and class work. Now, all has been submitted, and she is staying up to date with [...]

SEA Student Spotlight: Daniela2022-05-20T18:30:27+00:00
16 05, 2022

SEA Program Staff Spotlight: Meet Thomas!


While we are grateful for all of the students in our SEA Program, we want to highlight the amazing things our mentor/tutors have accomplished as well! Thomas is a returning mentor/tutor for the SEA Program. He has made amazing strides [...]

SEA Program Staff Spotlight: Meet Thomas!2022-05-16T23:12:38+00:00
5 05, 2022

SEA Student Spotlight!


Meet Angel! He is an 8th grader at Clinton Middle School, one of the SEA Program’s South LA sites. He has been making great progress with his mentor/tutor Timothy! Under Timothy’s guidance, Angel has raised his failing grade in math [...]

SEA Student Spotlight!2022-05-05T02:32:59+00:00
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