Back to school is here! Your support makes it possible for us to empower struggling middle school students with the learning and guidance needed to attain success in the classroom.

6th grader Alexiah realized a positive difference thanks to the SEA Program  – her story is below:

SEA Program student Alexiah began the school year with a D in math and ended with a B in that subject. Her final report card had all A’s and B’s.

Mentor/tutor Sara said, “ Alexiah was super bubbly and talkative from the start, and even shared some struggles she was facing the first session, so we had a very open dynamic relationship. Because she was comfortable, even though she was hesitant at times to do the work, we always pushed through it together.” As a result of their combined efforts, “Alexiah’s reading became a lot more fluent and full of ease, and she improved her organization skills.”

We are so proud of this mentor/tutor and student pair!