Guest Editorial: Five Years

How long is five years? 43,829 hours, 1,826.21 days, 260.997 weeks and 60 months. If you are 10 years old, it’s half your life. If you are 20, a quarter. If you have lost someone you love, a lifetime.

What can you do in five years? The five-year plan, change your life, change the world around you or make a difference. Or you can just watch the time pass by and wonder what if?

We chose different.

As of April 5, it has been five years since Emily disappeared from our lives. She was 13 — just starting on her teenage years. She would be 18 now, starting on her adult life, in college, figuring out her life, who she would like to become. Five years — a lifetime. How can we change in five years? Are we the same person we were five years ago, no matter what our age? I think not.

In the past five years, we have started a nonprofit foundation. In three years, we have helped over 200 middle school children. In five years, we have promoted more than 14,000 good deeds, and counting. 



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