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The SEA (Successful Educational Achievement) Program provides individualized, intensive mentoring to struggling/failing middle school students in the mainstream classroom.  SEA students are those who risk “falling through the cracks” and who could not otherwise afford this much needed after school support. We offer a unique Program that addresses a signficant gap in our educational system. Many middle school students don't "fit the mold" and tend to choose the wrong path when they are struggling academically,  be it drugs, joining a gang, acting out, suffering from low self esteem, etc. SEA's one on one approach acts as a safety net to those who might otherwise not succeed.

The only "cost" to each SEA student participant is to do a good deed for every single mentoring session (typically twice a week) and to enter it on this website. We feel this not only re-enforces our "Pass it Forward" mission, but helps establish a mindset of giving back and encourages kindness in our youth.

SEA turns frustration and poor academic performance into smiles and success!

Emily Shane was a middle school student who was bright and capable, yet struggled in school due to processing challenges. In simple terms, her knowledge and ability did not translate easily into results.  It was only through the help of outside support that she was able to succeed to her best academic potential. Following her death, her family’s vision was to reach out to others like Emily, who experience the frustration of performing poorly despite their best efforts.

The SEA Program’s mentors work closely with their students in all areas – from organizational skills to study skills – and assist with all school work with a focus on areas of particular difficulty for the individual student. We do not simply offer basic tutoring or homework help, although these are addressed within the mentoring sessions. All mentors must complete a training prior to working with thier student(s), and all students attend a "student orientation" prior to commencing SEA.

The SEA Program hires current university students or recent college graduates to work as mentors for our students. We hire mentors who fit several profiles, including those on work-study programs and others who are paid hourly. We welcome volunteers! 

Please email for further information.

The SEA Program is making a difference in the lives of the students we serve. Our mentors find the experience extremely rewarding, as it is their efforts that help a younger student improve.