Submit Your Good Deed

It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple gesture or a life-changing one. We encourage you to join us in our “Pass it Forward” campaign. Perform an act of kindness for another person, or living creature, and keep the momentum going! Help us exceed our goal of 100 million good deeds by entering your Good Deed below.

I shared my lunch with my friend  Read more
Helping friends out homework and math Read more
I let my friend have two snacks that I brought. Read more
I picked Up my dogs poop  Read more
Jocelyn helped clean up the house Read more
Edith helped her classmate out in P.E Read more
I helped my friend carry her lunch bag  Read more
Helped my friend get to class on time Read more
Helping my brother do his homework  Read more
Helped mom remove plates and pans from the oven so we can make pizza Read more
Helped grandma cook chicken soup. Read more
I hugged my older brother Read more
I bought a homeless man McDonald’s while I was out with my family.  Read more
I helped my brother find his shoes and lock. I also held the door open for my classmates.  Read more
I let my friend use my cologne. Read more
Helped clean the house and also helped my mom make ham Read more
Gave my friend a new phone because her phone was broken Read more
Washed all the dishes before mom made dinner! Read more
took out the trash Read more
A good deed i did was give my dad a hug Read more
Helped grandma with groceries. Read more
My friend fell down and hit his head really hard. When I saw him hurt and lying on the ground, Read more
I helped my dad take care of horses. Read more
I helped someone unjam their locker and helped someone with their homework.  Read more
I gave my friend gum  Read more
I did community service with my mom  Read more
Gave my friend chips Read more
I helped my mom make dinner Read more
Helped Grandma make food. Read more
Gave friend high five.  Read more