Submit Your Good Deed

It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple gesture or a life-changing one. We encourage you to join us in our “Pass it Forward” campaign. Perform an act of kindness for another person, or living creature, and keep the momentum going! Help us exceed our goal of 100 million good deeds by entering your Good Deed below.

I went out of my way to clean more than I normally do after school today Read more
I walked my dogs. Read more
I bought food for friend at trader Joes.  Read more
i helped my cousin understand things Read more
i gave my dad a hug last night Read more
I helped my mom clean her car. Read more
I told a joke to my counselor Read more
I was at the LAUSD strike Read more
Taking care of the dogs while Aunt was busy. Read more
went to costco with my cousin for groceries Read more
I helped my cousin to pick up her car Read more
I helped my cousin with an assignment  Read more
helped my mom do the dishes  Read more
I helped a kid draw a cartoon character. Read more
I told my mom I like her hair Read more
Washed the dishes and cleaned room! Read more
I put the dishes away. Read more
I helpped my sister with her laundry. Read more
i gave my friend a pencil when he didn’t have one Read more
I helped around the house last night without being asked to. Read more
A good deed i did is say thank you to my dad for buying me food Read more
I helped my brother get ready for school. Read more
I was able to get my homework in to get a good grade Read more
I helped my PE teacher set up for an outside event.  Read more
Helped Aunt with laundry. Read more
I payed for my friends snack  Read more
Bought vending machine drinks for my friends. Read more
I bought snacks from someone to support them. Read more