Submit Your Good Deed

It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple gesture or a life-changing one. We encourage you to join us in our “Pass it Forward” campaign. Perform an act of kindness for another person, or living creature, and keep the momentum going! Help us exceed our goal of 100 million good deeds by entering your Good Deed below.

Gives my friend a dollar  Read more
I bought a bag of chips for my brother Read more
I helped pick up trash at lunch today. Read more
I helped my mom bring in the groceries.  Read more
I helped my mom and grandma.  Read more
I made my friend laugh today! Read more
I made my friend smile today because he was sad. Read more
I shared my tamal with one of my friends. Read more
I helped a friend learn one of the songs for band class. Read more
I opened the door for my parents! Read more
I let my friend do my nails even though I didn't want to have them done, but she likes to Read more
I stopped drama from happening between people. Read more
I gave my friend some money to buy something at the store. Read more
taking out the trash Read more
I told my friend thank you for taking me to school. Read more
I let someone borrow my pencil today in class. Read more
I helped my teacher put all of her computers away. Read more
I made my friend art Read more
I helped the treasurer count the clubs money last week. Read more
I helped my aunt carry her bag down the elevator.  Read more
I cleaned up the boys and girls club today.  Read more
I helped with my cousins baptism party. Read more
I helped somebody at six flags find their hat.  Read more
I cleaned the house. Read more
I hugged my little brother.  Read more
I am planning to surprise my Mom for Mother's Day. Read more
I helped my grandma with the dishes.  Read more
Cleaned my room. Read more
Took out the trash out home. Read more
I took out the trash. Read more