Submit Your Good Deed

It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple gesture or a life-changing one. We encourage you to join us in our “Pass it Forward” campaign. Perform an act of kindness for another person, or living creature, and keep the momentum going! Help us exceed our goal of 100 million good deeds by entering your Good Deed below.

I bought my friends chips. Read more
I took care of my little sister  Read more
I helped my friend on the way to school. Read more
I said thank you to my dad. Read more
I made my PE teacher laugh ! Read more
I took out 3 trash bags.  Read more
I helped my friend fix her painting. Read more
Helped a peer with an experiment in science class  Read more
I helped run the arcade games at my step performance  Read more
I was walking my neighbor's dog Read more
I went to the store to go shopping for my siblings. Read more
I helped my family cook. Read more
I helped my cousin with his chores. Read more
I hugged my dad. Read more
I helped freed a rare golden eagle trapped in a fence, even though she attacked me.    Read more
I gave a friend a compliment and although I wanted to hang with him, I left him alone so he Read more
I helped my dad do lawn work outside.  Read more
Helped my friend with her writing assignment Read more
I opened the door for my parents! Read more
I cleaned up the boys and girls club today!  Read more
Took out the trash for my family Read more
I gave $10 to an old lady who wanted to buy chicken and rice. Read more
Helped another group record their P.E. project  Read more
I did the laundry  Read more
 I did the dishes for my parents without them asking. Read more
I made my teacher smile by helping her pass out papers Read more
I helped my friend with her assignment. Read more
I helped babysat younger kids of parents who came over for a get-together my Dad had this weekend.   Read more
I scrapped wax materials that got on the floor from an art project last week to help clean the learning Read more
I made my friend who was sad happy and made him laugh Read more