Submit Your Good Deed

It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple gesture or a life-changing one. We encourage you to join us in our “Pass it Forward” campaign. Perform an act of kindness for another person, or living creature, and keep the momentum going! Help us exceed our goal of 100 million good deeds by entering your Good Deed below.

I made my friend who was sad happy and made him laugh Read more
I made a bracelet for my mom. Read more
I woke up my baby brother this morning so my mom wouldn't have to worry about it. Read more
I bought my friend a water bottle while we were at the park Read more
I bought my friends Subway. Read more
I made my mom breakfast Read more
I helped put chairs away in my classroom. Read more
I made my friends laugh. Read more
I helped my mom clean the house again. Read more
I helped my parents out today. Read more
I took some really cool stuff I found to the lost and found  Read more
Helped his teacher take out mats for P.E. Read more
Bought my little brother a bag of chips. Read more
I helped clean the house. Read more
I washed the dishes.  Read more
I helped out my dad with buying store groceries and spent time with him. Read more
My brother slipped and fell and I helped him up. Read more
 I chiseled dry gum off the bottom of the table and floor at the boys and girls club to help Read more
I gave a classmate a hug when she was crying in the locker room.   Read more
I got an extra snack from the B&G Club to offer my mentor/tutor when she arrived. Read more
I gave a friend two dollars so that they can buy a snack from the ice cream man.   Read more
I saw something was dirty in the classroom and cleaned it off for my teacher.  Read more
I helped my sister with her homework. Read more
I bought my sisters and mom chocolate-covered strawberries. Read more
I helped my mom clean the house. Read more
I helped my grandma cook. Read more
I bought a friend a slushy. Read more
I helped a friend study for a test. Read more
Bought my brother a bag of chips Read more
I found my Uncle's lost money and gave it back to him.  Read more