“Regardless of their academic achievements, all students have an authentic curiosity and desire to better understand their world.”
– Summit Learning
“The Power of Mentorship,” an article from Summit Learning, describes how mentorship can truly transform the life of a student. The article states that “mentorship in middle and high school has the power to impact the course of students’ academic and personal life trajectories,” and that is exactly what our SEA Program aims to do.

Meet Eriyonna, an 8th grade SEA Program participant from South LA.  Read how mentorship truly transformed her as a student:

Eriyonna started the SEA Program with an F in math, and C’s in both English and science. She worked diligently with her mentor/tutor, Claudia, to turn in all her missing work and to change her grades to passing.

In fact, she ended the academic year with a B in English, and A’s in both science and math! She made tremendous improvements with her schoolwork and her work ethic. Eriyonna shared her experience with the SEA Program, stating “I would say that they [mentor/tutor] really helped me improve a lot, and I’m really thankful to be a part of the program.”

We commend Eriyonna and Claudia for their accomplishments together! As we begin the new school year, we look forward to making a difference for more students like Eriyonna.