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When tragedy struck, the Shane family chose to rise up & shine a light on their daughter’s legacy. Today, in Emily’s name, nearly 1,000 students have completed the signature SEA Program since spring of 2012.


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We provide students a way to address their challenges and reimagine learning. And now, we’ve made it easy for you to join us! Click below to see how you can make a real difference in our students’ lives.

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Listen to John Stamos as he explains the importance of our SEA Program 

A participant shares a quick recap of his experience in the SEA Program

Support In Style With 3 Heart Strings

For the month of August only! 3 Heart Strings, a non-profit organization based in Parkland, Florida, has partnered with us in creating bracelets unique to the Emily Shane Foundation. These pieces not only bring awareness to our mission, but for the entire month of August, 100% of the profits from all 3HS bracelet sales will benefit our SEA Program.

Bracelets will also be sold at upcoming, in-person tabling events.
Head over to our Events page for more information!

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What People Are Saying

“The Emily Shane Foundation stepped up immediately to support our struggling students with the SEA program. Wright Middle School is grateful for (their) flexibility and determination to connect with our students virtually.”
– Maya B. , School Counselor

Working for the Emily Shane Foundation has been the most rewarding and educational experience of my life. I have learned so much more about what some people go through on a daily basis and I am impressed that despite all of these struggles, they still are able to attend school and achieve success.”
– Samantha C. , Mentor/Tutor

“It made me more open and understanding. The only reason I go to school Mondays and Wednesdays is because of the SEA Program. I like my mentor, I think she’s funny. She’s inspiring and she’s really helpful. She helps me with my math and science.”
– Karily O. , SEA Student

“Brittany is the most amazing person in the world! She treats me with so much respect and it feels good to be around with a mentor that has helped me so much in school related topics and others. My grades
have improved a lot.”
– Lauren L. , SEA Student

“The SEA program has been such an impactful resource for our students. (They have) been able to provide help for students who otherwise may not have received it. These mentors don’t just view this as a job, but as an opportunity to help facilitate academic and social-emotional success for our kids.”
– Joey H. , School Counselor

“I realize that there are so many parents who also have difficulty in getting their adolescent’s homework done effectively and without tension that carries over into other parts of their parent/child relationship. You have such a worthy and needed program that helps a lot of families like mine, more than you could ever know.”
– Galia W. , SEA Parent


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