Our SEA (Successful Educational Achievement) Program is a unique educational initiative that empowers underserved, disadvantaged middle school students who are at risk of academic failure in the mainstream classroom. We provide a comprehensive program that includes: academic tutoring, mentorship, a focus on educational and organizational skills, and all the tools needed to be a successful student. We offer a solution to students who have no other recourse. This level of one-on-one after-school support is not available within the traditional educational system. To date, the SEA Program has served 1000 children and currently operates at 13 sites across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Our SEA Program stand out is the caring, dedication, and guidance from our trained and vetted mentors/tutors, who focus on each student’s individual, specific circumstances. SEA Program mentors/tutors are ideal role models, provide positive reinforcement, and instill the belief in their students that they CAN improve and pass their classes.